Resilience and Livelihood

We are working with 240,700 people by using innovative development strategies to improve household resilience and livelihood.

World Vision Zambia livelihood strategy is well aligned to the Government's Seventh National Development (SNDP), Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. World Vision Zambia is working with 48,140 households (240,700 people) using innovative development strategies to improve household resilience and livelihood. We want all families to have the skills/ability to provide well for their children. World Vision Zambia aims to deliver sustainable development outcomes for communities through our programme approaches that promotes environmentally friendly agriculture practices, build resilience, create jobs for youths and improve climate change mitigation and adaptation.

To achieve this, we are working towards:

  • Increasing household income
  • Improving household food security
  • Improving families’ abilities to prepare for and cope with emergencies, and
  • Improving on and off-farm management of natural resources

To improve financial inclusiveness, especially for rural communities, World Vision Zambia uses the Savings for Transformation model, to empower people with knowledge on how to create savings as a group in a safe, suitable, and flexible way. Funds accumulated through savings are then borrowed by members and paid back at very low-interest rates, for use in productive activities which allows farmers to acquire assets as well as send their children to school. In 2021, World Vision Zambia supported, mentored, and coached 5,419 Savings For Transformation Groups which accumulated ZMK 44.6 million. To support farmers’ agricultural needs, we support communities with knowledge and skills which enable them to use climate-smart farming methods to improve adaptation to climate change and enhance crop and livestock production.


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You can help hard working families flourish and break the cycle of poverty so that the most vulnerable children reach their potential!

Achievements in 2022

  • 43,938 people participating in savings groups.

  • 44,675 farmers trained in climate smart agriculture techniques. 20,132 farmers applying soil and water conservation