Child Protection

Our goal is to contribute to the increased protection of 1,500,000 boys and girls from abuse, exploitation and neglect by strengthening child protection systems and building protective environments.

For the past 40 years, World Vision Zambia has been working with the most vulnerable children and communities in all the 10 provinces of Zambia, to ensure children grow in their awareness and experience the love of God. We are dedicated to

  • Ensuring families and communities understand children’s rights, emphasizing on the importance of birth registration.
  • Strengthening boys’ and girls’ resilience and capacity to become veritable actors for their protection and that of their peers
  • Contributing to eliminate all harmful practices, such as child marriage, that affect childhood and jeopardize children’s futures
  • Making sure children live in safe communities with adequate places to play and develop
  • Making sure children are respected and allowed to participate in decisions that affect them

We are working with traditional and faith leaders, key government departments, such as the Victim Support Unit of the Police and Social Welfare, to advocate against child violations, such as child marriages and sexual violations. Our teams of dedicated professionals are offering support to girls that are sexually and physically abused and those retrieved from child marriages.

We are utilizing platforms such as community conversations and children’s indaba to create child-friendly environments that empower them to speak about issues affecting them in communities, such as mental and physical abuse, including child marriage. In addition, we also work with religious leaders to ensure they lead as examples in taking care of their own families and nurturing children in a way that is reflective of the Love of God. In 2020, we established 125 child protection committees at the community level in different chiefdoms to sensitize communities on the dangers of harmful traditional ceremonies and the need to enact traditional child protection by-laws to strengthen child protection issues and end child marriages at the household level.

DOWNLOAD The Child Protection Capacity Statement

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We believe a world without violence against children is possible. You can help protect every child and restore physical and emotional health.

Achievements in 2022

  • We established 333 adolescent groups and we supported 81,996 children, adolescents and youths in actions supporting ending violence against children. 

  • To date we have printed and distributed 64,723 birth certificates and helped establish 2 birth registration centers.

  • We have established 136 clubs comprising of more than 1,500 active adolescent members across 9 provinces in Zambia.