New World Vision Zambia Board Chairperson Pledges Transformational Leadership

World Vision Zambia’s new Board Chairperson, Mable Luo Mung’omba, has pledged to give her best as she takes up the mantle and to guide the organization to transformation.


“My leadership is very transformational. My leadership is also participatory. So, am depending on all of you to hold my hand so that together, we can navigate anything that will come our way and ensure that we build on the great foundation that previous board chairs have done”, she said.


Mrs. Mung’omba is inspired by transformation; hence she has a big soft spot for strategy. Therefore, strategic decisions must be informed by data.

“So, you will see that I will always be asking the question; “where is this decision coming from? What data are we using to inform this decision?” she asked.

The new Board Chairperson is optimistic that what has been built will make World Vision grow.



She thanked World Vision for recognizing her and appointing her as Board Chairperson, taking over from Mr. Malcolm Chabala.


Mrs. Mung’omba praised Mr. Chabala for his leadership skills, as during his reign, World Vision Zambia Board has been recognized as one of the strong boards within World Vision International.


And Mr. Chabala explained that the board provides oversight to management over the operations of World Vision, ensures that they (management) comply with the processes and procedures, and also has an impact on children.


“Serving on the board is a privilege and a blessing at the same time. Working with the management team, getting to know what happens on the ground, in the programs, and in the field, and just knowing that we are making an impact and a difference in children’s lives is inspiring and fulfilling for us as board members,” he said.


The outgoing Board Chairperson said he is happy that the resource base and the number of partners for World Vision Zambia have grown over the past few years.


“From a governance perspective, I am happy that we put structures in place such that we passed with flying colors at the last Peer Review. It’s a standard by which other World Vision offices can be held in terms of governance, so I am very happy that we were able to achieve that. The organization has grown in terms of resources that come into the country and the areas in which we are operating, so that gives me great pleasure that in the period that I have served on the board, we have seen tremendous growth in the operations of World Vision Zambia," he said.


He mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the challenges he faced in his tenure, where the board had to start meeting virtually but eventually found a way with technology to ensure that the board still fulfilled its responsibilities and continued to impact the lives of children.


Mr. Chalaba thanked the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the staff of World Vision Zambia, and the board members he served with for the support they rendered to him as he led the team.


He also wished the new Board Chairperson and the rest of the board members the best as they lead the organization.


Mrs. Mung'omba has been a part of World Vision Zambia's Board of Directors since 2019. Until her appointment as Board Chairperson, she was serving as Chairperson of the Ministry, Strategy, and Local Fundraising Committee.


She is an independent consultant focusing on leadership, strategy development, branding and communication, management, and organization development. She has worked in international teams of trainers for leadership and management in Africa for over ten years and has 18 years of experience in high-level executive management in both the private and public sectors in Zambia.

And World Vision Zambia Chief Executive Officer, John Hasse, said he is looking forward to a diverse board with good questioning business skills as they lead the organization to the next level.