World Vision launches new education project funded by the European Union

On Sunday April 18th, 2021, World Vision has launched a new education project in Zambia titled 'The Urban and Rural Programme for Learners’ Inclusion, Foundation and Transformation through Education Action (UPLIFT Education Project) which will be implemented in Eastern Province.

The UPLIFT Project is a collaboration between World Vision Zambia Limited (WVZL) as Lead Applicant, the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWEZA) as Co-Applicant and World Vision Australia (WVA) as Associate Partner (for the consortium). The close to 1.3 million Euro education project, which will run for three years, is supported by the European Union in Zambia.

The UPLIFT Education Project seeks to address barriers to access to education for vulnerable children and youth and will be implemented in Lumezi and Lundazi districts of Eastern Province. The province's Education Officer Allan Lingambe has thanked both World Vision and FAWEZA for bringing the Ministry of General Education from both Lundazi and Lumezi districts together through the UPLIFT Education Project. 

Speaking on behalf of the Provincial Education Officer (PEO), Provincial Education Standards Officer (PESO) Dr. Beatrice Botha noted that the provision of education to children across Zambia is a great task that requires a consolidated effort from all stakeholders.

“We are very expectant of what the UPLIFT Education Project will do for us in Lumezi and Lundazi districts. Eastern Province as a whole welcomes support and collaboration from partners such as World Vision and FAWEZA because of their commitment to making sure that vulnerable children acquire an education”, she said. "The Ministry of General Education further wants to commend the European Union for making available the funds meant to help the less privileged in Society through the UPLIFT Project.”

The PESO was speaking during the official opening of a two-day start-up workshop organised by World Vision and FAWEZA at Gomatemwa hall.

The whole project, which will run for a period of 36 months, has been funded at a tune of 1,224,999 Euros; with WVZL contributing an addition with support from WVA.

The project draws on the consortium partners’ experiences in implementing accessible education for children, particularly girls and children with disabilities, and engaging with schools and communities in Eastern Province.