Strong Girls Strong Zambia Campaign

World Vision Zambia introduces the Strong Girls Strong Zambia Campaign that aims to support girls retrieved from child marriage and those at risk in all our operation areas. The goal of the campaign is to reduce child marriage from 29% to 5% in World Vision Zambia’s areas of operation by reaching and empowering 15,000 girls both retrieved from child marriages and those at risk to live safer, healthier, more productive lives by 2025.The campaign duration is from October 2022 to September 2025 and aims to raise $8 million over a three-year period.


With high rates of child marriages in Zambia, currently estimated at 29%, many children continue to experience:

  • Multiple violations of children’s rights,
  • Limited or no education and
  • Limited economic opportunities. 

The campaign will provide practical and sustainable solutions through educational support for girls who are retrieved from marriages and those at risk, for a successful fight against child marriage.

The Facts

  • 29% of women aged 20-24 years reported being married by age 18, a slight drop from 31% in 2014 (UNICEF and Population Council 2015, Zambia Demographic and Health Service 2015).
  • 9% of women aged 25 to 49 years were first married by the age of 15, as compared with less than 1% of men.
  • Each year of secondary education may reduce the likelihood of marrying before the age of 18 by five percentage points or more in many countries.
  • No harmonization on the age of a child. Penal Code Act No.1 of 2012 states anyone below the age of 16 is a minor; Marriage Act states the legal age of marriage as 18; and Customary Law as puberty.

Campaign Goals

  • To support 6,000 vulnerable girls in school and out of school with educational requirements by 2025
  • To develop infrastructure in 29 schools that will provide a conducive learning environment that will keep 5,000 girls in school by 2025
  • To economically empower 1,500 families of vulnerable girls and those retrieved from marriages benefiting 7,500 children by 2025

How can you get involved?

  • Open up partners networks to World Vision Zambia
  • Partner playing the role of influencer
  • Choose an area of interest
  • For water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions World Vision Zambia will match the donation amount
  • Opportunity for employees to get involved and give to a cause

Benefits to the partner

  • Partner brand visibility – digital and print media
  • Exposure visits to project sites
  • Positive image and reputation – good corporate citizenship
  • Indirect partnership with the Government
  • Achievement of Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • More impact on vulnerable communities

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